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Twin Oaks Location

Gracie jiu-jitsu in Twin Oaks, MO. The Gracie Barra School is an active, inviting, and fun Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu environment that gives Twin Oaks students the opportunity to undergo training that is both demanding and rewarding. If you or a family member wants to expand or learn martial arts skills and has respect for balance, focus, coordination, and well-being, we invite you to visit our Academy. Here at Gracie Barra in Twin Oaks, you can improve your defense skills, get rid of unwanted stress, and advance in BJJ by joining us!

The team of instructors at Gracie Barra Twin Oaks remain faithful to our twelve commandments that are implemented into our programs to make sure our students gain the skills, training, and experience they need to advance. Gracie Barra is great for children, teens, and adults. We place an emphasis on the development and progress of respect, awareness, protection, coordination, and character. Our courses are outlined using the Gracie Barra Program Structure which allows us to teach individuals regardless of learning curves such as age, gender, and experience. To join us or to request more info, contact us today.

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