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Professor Steve Moellering

Black Belt and O’Fallon Instructor

Professor Steve has been training Jiu jitsu and MMA Since 2006. While learning from Mike Buckels and competing to expand his knowledge, he began teaching. Professor Steve is a native of St. Charles and an avid outdoorsman. He has pursued skills in marksmanship in all areas.

Steve also has several years of experience working defensive, offensive, combat and non-combat oriented Hand to Hand training with Law Enforcement and Special Operations Units in the DOD.

Ranks and Certifications

Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
IBJJF World NoGi Purple bronze
IBJJF World masters Brown bronze x2
IBJJF Pan American blue bronze brown bronze black bronze
IBJJF International champion and medalist
2-0 MMA

“I could see the impact Jiu jitsu and self defenses had on people, be it empowering or humbling, the results of training with Gracie Barra have always had a positive impact on people’s lives.”