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Coach Dominic Leucke

O’Fallon Instructor

Coach Dominic began training in martial arts at the age of 16. After competing in a couple kickboxing fights, he found Gracie Barra. He quickly developed a deep passion for jiujitsu and mma. He commits to learning and training in the art full time under professor Mike Buckels. Currently he is the program director, kids coach, and jiujitsu competitor. He dedicates hours each day to training. Striving to attain the highest level of jiujitsu and Martial arts technique possible. Outside of the gym he enjoys hobbies such as hockey, fitness, nutrition, reading, hiking, and exploring new challenging activities.

” Jiujitsu goes far beyond what is learned on the mats. Close friendships are made, you get in great shape, and it adds a great deal of positivity to people’s lives.”